30 April 2013

Yesterday we went to a friend's house. She lives a couple hours away so I only brought Seri and Strafe, since Kiba is not a big fan of riding in the car more than necessary. We went on a 3+ hour hike, that basically went up a long hill, walked around the top of the hill for a bit, then walked down the long hill again. Great workout for the dogs. Seri is still tired today - it was really a bit more than she's in shape for but with her being prohibited from running and hyperextending her wrist for another week or so, it was good to wear her out slowly. Strafe handled it really well, he is pretty fit and definitely feeling ready for Tryouts. He's had his last toenail trim, his foot hair all trimmed off as well, and thinned out his long, thick hair in the places where it annoys me by being so long and thick.

Today Kiba is going to vet for a check up; she is drinking and peeing a lot. This has been an on and off again thing for over a year - last year in the winter I ran blood work, urinalysis, and urine culture with zero results so I just concluded that perhaps it was due to the forced air heat, which she's never lived with before, drying her skin out and making her feel thirsty. But this winter for some reason it has seemed worse now that it's spring - the heat is on less often and the air is not so dry anymore. Strange. I doubt we'll find anything, but it's worth at least getting her checked out. Funny little dog.

After that I'll begin to do laundry so I can pack for Tryouts tomorrow!

by Agility Gallery

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