08 April 2013

KESS AKC Trial wrap

I had only entered Strafe in this trial, but ended up also running my mother's 2 dogs as well. Strafe was perfect on Saturday, getting 2nd in Jumpers among a tough crowd, and winning the standard course when I pushed him a little. I was very pleased. Sunday I knew I needed to hold my contacts rather than try to win, and so I did that, but he also hit a bar in each run despite seeming to feel pretty good physically. This was our last trial before Tryouts in less than a month's time, so I am going to be using the next 3 weeks to double down on Strafe's fitness level, especially on some sprint work and bounce grids to increase his "power" level a bit.

My mother's dogs were really good for me; both went 3 for 4 over the weekend with one QQ, and the wild terrier actually won all 3 classes in which she qualified.

I have decided on Kiba's short term plans now - she comes with me to the seminar I am running in next week, and will run her instead of Strafe on one or two courses to see if I can get her around. Then I will run her in an AKC trial at the end of May, and the USDAA Regional in June that I mentioned previously. I will try to closely analyze her performance in each of these, and draw a final conclusion from that.

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