12 April 2013

just a random update post

A friend and I went for a long, hot hike yesterday. The weathermen originally predicted it would stay under 70F but they kept raising the projection and it ended up being over 80F and sunny out there (something like 26C?). I chose a hike that wound along the big creek, so the dogs had fun playing in the water every 20 minutes or so, and everybody managed to stay relatively cool. We walked about 2 hours and 15 minutes, but I'm sure at least 15min of that was playing in the water. We did run a course of agility before-hand, but I didn't over-do it with Strafe. He ran great! Seri face-plowed through a jump and hurt her wrist a little. She is a dork. Seems better today but I will rest her a few days just in case.

"You mean, I should NOT try to take off 30 feet away from the spread jump??!"
Today it was much cooler and raining for half the day, so I just took Strafe and I, dressed in our rain gear, for a 45 minute leash walk on the park roads. Not a long walk for us, but it is a nice downhill slope, a short level walk along the creek, then a nice long uphill section, so it is still a good walk for conditioning purposes, even if we are not tired at the end of it.

This weekend will be more hiking and a few very short training sessions, along with some core and strengthening work. Tues/Wed I am attending a seminar with Anna Eiffert, this is a great chance for Strafe and I to run some difficult courses on turf that is at least a little bit similar to what we'll see at Tryouts. Anna has recently been up to Finland to train with Jaakko and Janita so I am expecting that we will practicing some familiar OneMind maneuvers, which suits me just fine!

Photo by Lynne Brubaker

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