01 April 2013

Had fun teaching in CT, they kept it to a small group and they had a lot of laughs, and worked very hard!

I finally got most of my videos from the NAC.

Strafe's Rounds 1 to 3, plus Challenger:

Kiba's Time 2 Beat run:

And I put together Kiba's Rounds 1 to 3, a lot of disappointment happened in those runs, and while maybe in full speed her jumping doesn't look so bad, keep a close eye on the slow motion parts.

For comparison, here are Kiba's runs from last year's NAC, she does not seem to have as much trouble tracking me for handling maneuvers, although she did run around that jump in the Finals, that is mostly my fault but still, my other dogs probably would have "saved" me there...

ETA: I've watched last year's video for Kiba a few times, and I have to say that to me, the difference in how she runs is fairly striking. Last year I could front, blind, or rear cross in almost any situation without worrying about bars; I could send her laterally and only in the warm-up run did she look at an off course obstacle, most of the time she sent and came right back (like a normal dog); I did not need a special verbal cue for spread jumps and she did not hit any bars; I see a lot less super early launching on jumps in general, although I can still see the early takeoffs and occasional odd stutter-strides; I was able to leave her in a "normal" place for the lead-out, and she could clear the first jump; she seems more flexible around the course in general to me - she is not locking on, launching, then coming back, she is just jumping.

Good food for thought.

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