18 April 2013

Because I'm feeling lazy, here's the link to most of my runs with Strafe at the seminar the last 2 days. We had a lot of fun and it was a perfect practice a few weeks before Tryouts. I feel like we're really ready, although (not on video) he was running off his dogwalk sometimes, so I will proof that a little bit, and of course we will continue our fitness regime!

Seri checked out pretty well with the PT. He loosened up her wrist and a couple other minor tight spots, but really, she was on her way to healing up and is good to go now. No major damage done. I am content in my decision not to run her on a "serious" circuit of trialing, however, she is (aside from the jump crash) doing really well in training, so I am thinking I may run her at the Regional just for fun. Especially since I am leaning towards not running Kiba. I don't know if I want the pressure of running Kiba, who is getting so difficult but whom I still take seriously. Seri is difficult but I am very light-hearted about running her, and her vision is not in question.... who knows. I have not totally decided yet.

A good consistent running dogwalk is usually 5 strides from start to finish. On video I counted Strafe's stopped dogwalk, and it varies from 6 to 8 strides, generally being 6 or 7 unless I really growl at him or he had no speed going up the first ramp. I am pretty happy with that; I felt that at Nationals the stop did not really hurt us, and if at Tryouts we have hard turns after the DW then I think our 1 or 2 extra strides on the ramp will probably evenly match the extra 1 or 2 strides after the ramp that dogs who have a running behavior will have to perform. Strafe decelerates on the ramp, they will have to do so on the ground. Each has its moments of advantage, but overall I'm happy I've taught the stop. My life is a lot easier; backsides after the DW don't cause major anxiety and neither do all kinds of handling maneuvers around the ramps.

Photo by Agility Gallery

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Kriszty said...

Strafe looks lovely. That is a very fast stopped DW!