25 April 2013

25 April 2013

Tuesday I took Seri herding for the first time in about 5 years. It is my thought that perhaps she and I can take this up as a hobby instead of agility. "Back in the day" (about 5-6 years ago) I used to take Drifter to work sheep every week, to the point where he could do most of the basic functions (short outruns, wearing, we were learning inside flanks and driving and penning). But I was still working full time and we reached a point in our agility career that we needed to "buckle down" and really focus on that (with great results). Now that I'm not working a regular job anymore I have a much more flexible schedule so I am going to try again.

Seri had a great time, she ran really fast, as expected, but this instructor was willing to let us work in a larger field rather than in a tight round pen, which seems to be what Seri needed. The sheep respond to her from quite far away (especially since she's a bit wild right now) but on her second short session we got some pretty good work out of her for a beginner, she was balancing and by "kicking" her out wide on approach, she was even gathering them and bringing them straight back fairly well (if you ignore the all-out run speed, anyway). So I was happy, she was happy.

And then later in the day she stood up from a nap and was lame. Again. Mostly her left wrist. Again. So I am going to hold up on taking her back to sheep for a few weeks, to give the wrist time to fully recover - I think it is still a bit sore from the crash less than 2 weeks ago. So we will do 2 weeks "no galloping" - in other words I won't allow her the opportunity to hyperextend or twist her wrist for 2 weeks before easing her back into faster work, and when I do I will use one of our support wraps. I am going to get her fitted for a custom one that should do the trick a little better than the generic ones I already own. If that doesn't help her long-term then we will have to look at prolotherapy or HA or cortisone injections more seriously. Crazy reckless girl dog.

In other news, we leave for Tryouts in only one week. I haven't been this excited for an agility event in a good long time. I actually had a weird dream about it last night! Very unusual for me. Yesterday Strafe and I got our last PT check-up before the event (of course our PT will be there too to keep tabs on us), and we are ready to go. Our last real practice is out of the way, Strafe is running really well. The next week will be spent on nice walks in the park and a few very short training sessions on either one jump or a few contacts or weaves at a time.

Hiking photo op with a friend (he's Seri's cousin actually!), nice clear picture thanks to Sharon G!

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