21 March 2013

Yeah. My dogs have more coats than I do. These are rainproof with a light fleece lining. Strafe's needs some alteration because the belly strap is too large and he pees on it. Boy dogs!

Kiba goes in for an eye exam on Tuesday. If it is something fixable with surgery we will do it, if not she will retire - I am not going through rounds of contact lenses etc, unless getting them is a whole lot easier than I have heard and am imagining. Her visual issues don't really affect her day to day life very much like my old Freeze dog's did - her ETS was so much more severe. Kiba's is mild, and I only see mild effects, it's just that in agility, mild effects that are slowly getting worse while she's running at 5 to 7 yards every single second... well that's a bit more difficult to manage!

In other news, Strafe's first potential breeding did not pan out, timing wise. There is another potential one coming up soon; we will have to see how that goes. Right now we are refocusing from Nationals to Tryouts. We have another week off from agility, but we are already beginning our hiking and core/rear end strengthening program, because I want to build up to a pretty tough workout by the time late April rolls around, since we will need to back off about 20% as we get into about 10 days before Tryouts so he can peak physically ;)

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