07 March 2013

See this pretty snow?

We were predicted to get anywhere from 3 to 10" of snow yesterday.

Amount we got? Well, that looks more like this:

Yep. We got nothing. It snowed a little over night Tuesday, then it rained yesterday morning and washed it away. Then it didn't really rain so much as looked  gloomy and then was really windy all day. It ended up that we cancelled our classes for nothing, but we made the best call we could. WINTER STORM WARNING was all over the place.... oh well. It fizzled.

We are in our last stretch of preparing for Nationals. Yesterday was a full rest day, Kiba got stretched and lasered, Strafe got a quick check. Today we'll go for a nice walk in the park and then take it easy. Tomorrow maybe a very quick jump exercise and a walk and a stretch/laser session again. We leave Tuesday, I am breaking the 18 hour drive into two easy segments of around 8 to 10 hours to help keep them from getting too stiff.

Here's another picture. Our new fleece-lined collars to match the Julius K9 harnesses they wear at AKC trials sometimes. Nice and soft and perfectly matched!

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