24 March 2013

random photos sunday

I have noticed that with my own increased fitness... more activity = I'm hungry all the time. I wonder if the dogs feel the same way? Of course they never get to control their own food!

Even though sometimes they try by giving me a funny face at dinnertime ;)

Tomorrow we will probably not get to hike due to the impending winter/spring storm consisting of rain/snow/ice/whatever. Last time they predicted this weather, it fizzled, and we got like 5 minutes of a rain shower followed by nothing. So we'll see.

Tuesday is Kiba's eye exam. Coming up quickly but not quickly enough.

I ordered pictures from AKC Nationals, thinking sadly that it might be Kiba's last :(
We're still waiting on our videos that I ordered. Hopefully the quality is OK, some of the ones I've seen posted are pretty far away and a bit blurry, so no promises there, but it'll be better than no videos at all!

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