09 March 2013

Pack Day

Today is a day for packing.

So far I have accomplished... um... well I made a list! I am also watching the Crufts agility coverage live, which is entertaining. And I am also going to work my dogs just a little bit (last practice before Nationals!) and go for a nice walk in the warm afternoon. It's going to be a LOT warmer down in Tulsa so it'll be good to get them out in somewhat warm weather for a walk.

Aren't they cute? Kiba poses well for photos but never really looks happy in them.

The reason I have to do most of my packing today is that tomorrow I am teaching a workshop for 4 hours and Monday I am driving up to NJ and back which will take most of the day (final PT check for Kiba, Strafe, and myself before leaving).

They don't always pose perfectly ;) Here Strafe appears to be amazed by the huge fish, while Kiba thinks the ground smells funny.

Alright, off to do some laundry!

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