23 March 2013

Anxiously Await

I know it seems a bit odd, but I'm anxious to get Kiba's eye exam out of the way. I have a hard time with an uncertain future type of situation. I feel like I can't plan for the year. Can Kiba attend USDAA Cynosport Games? Well, of course she is already qualified so she CAN but if her vision is quite poor then I don't think it is FAIR for me to take her. I know I am taking Strafe, of course. I am just not used to having only one dog on whom to focus, for probably 2 years, until my unknown future puppy is old enough to compete!

So if Kiba can no longer safely compete, do I bring Seri back out? Seri has been pretty sound, physically. And she did manage to ge a Team and Steeplechase Q last month. The problem with Seri is that I just can't take her seriously - she is unpredictable and a bit "crazy". She definitely enjoys agility and competing... but I have to balance spending money on trials with her rate of actual qualifying. . . is it worth it to run her and travel with her, if her Q rate is very low? Since my financial situation is variable, a lot of times the answer has to be "no". Also, at trials, Seri is extremely reckless with her body, and I do worry about her re-injuring her wrist or shoulder. I do train her fairly regularly and sometimes she gets to be a demo dog at class or seminars. She has a lot of knowledge, she just has a hard time holding herself together at trials, because they are SO DANGED EXCITING for her.

And of course, now Drifter is retired.

So I find myself with 4 border collies, ages 10, 8, 6, and 2, and only the 2 year old actively competing. This is an odd spot to be in, I think! I am more and more happy with my decision to get a puppy next winter. I will then have dogs at the age of 11, 9, 7, and 3, and by the time the pup is old enough to compete, Strafe will be turning 5 years old. I almost wish I was getting a pup earlier, but I am going to wait for the "right" pup (Strafe's half-sibling) unless something truly extraordinary presents itself before then.

So, on Tuesday, I will make a decision about Kiba's future in agility. And then I may have 3 retired dogs, none of whom are "really old".... if I win a spot for Strafe at Tryouts perhaps I will put that money towards running Seri? Who knows. It's a weird place, mentally, right now! I am so used to having multiple dogs to run. But perhaps I will enjoy trialing only one, since that one is a pretty amazing dog!

PS I found this amusing.

8th of March, mileage on my car (that's about 40.233km)

and yesterday, 22nd March (that's about 45.062 km)

Thanksfully no more long drives for a while. An advantage to only taking one dog to Cynosport would be the ability to fly there!

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