05 March 2013

5 March

Last night I stretched Strafe out and lasered him a little, but overall I was happy with how felt, he does not seem sore from the weekend. Today I set up a simple jumping sequence, just a couple straight lines and pinwheels and 180's. He is really striding out and using himself nicely now, although that is exactly why I think we are getting some bars at trials - he is almost brave enough to leave strides out, but then he chickens out, and that puts him too close to the jump and the bar comes down. I did get him to knock a bar or two in training today, for which I did correct him (promptly, calmly, and fairly!) and he seemed to understand what was going on and improved as he went. We only worked on it for 5 or 10 minutes. I don't want to overdo it with Nationals so close, but I also don't want to go in super concerned about bars!

We also went for a nice walk this morning with all 4 dogs. I was reminded why I hate walking all 4 dogs at the same time on leash. Drifter and Seri just don't always understand the idea of walking down the path together nicely. They are way better than some dogs, but they do kind of wander to the side and then Drifter starts pushing Kiba off the side of the path, etc etc.

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