21 February 2013


it has occurred to me that I have been hiking a lot lately, and taking pictures of hiking a lot lately. Well, too bad! Hiking is good for me, good for my dogs, and I like pictures of my dogs. It's a great way for all of us to have fun AND stay in shape!

Tomorrow I go to ACA to teach for 3 days, that is always a fun crowd but I'm sure I'll be exhausted afterwards. I am glad that is my last big teaching assignment before AKC Nationals so I'll have a couple weekends to recover. Only one more trial between now and Nationals! I'm very excited about taking Strafe and still a bit bittersweet on Kiba... she could go there and smack it down and win, or she could go and misjudge her jumps and knock 4 bars. I am not sure what she will do but I don't have much control over it. I am happy that aside from her vision she is a happy healthy 8 year old dog!

It was cold day with the windchill below freezing (and it was windy) so we hiked with coats on:

Fair Hill has some fun little mountain bike ramps.

Couldn't quite fit dogs and the creek in the shot together here but I tried

My view when hiking. They are all very good experienced hikers, they don't run amok and mostly follow the trail

I love this picture even though Seri is leaning sideways and has a stick poking her in the chest ;)

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