11 February 2013

WHO got Team and Steeplechase Q's this weekend?

That's right. Crazy Seri dog did! She wasn't exactly perfect, she was still rip roaring wild, but she managed to stay on every course with only minor faults, actually ran clean in Steeplechase round 1 and Team Relay (with some screaming from both of us), and only ran around the broad jump in Steeplechase Finals, which we fixed, for 6th place. So now I have to decide if I want to try to get a 2nd Steeplechase Q and maybe take her to Nationals or not. I will rest her today and then thoroughly check out her body to see how she held up physically - see if her pelvis is still in, her shoulder isn't too stiff, her wrist isn't too sore, her back doesn't hurt, etc.

I also ran Strafe in a couple Advanced classes, Masters Challenge Standard and Jumpers, and Steeplechase, and he Q'ed in all of them, winning both Challenge classes with very nice runs.

I only got 2 runs on video - Seri's first run of the weekend, Team Standard, and Strafe's Masters Challenge Jumpers. They are on my youtube channel, feeling too lazy to embed them.

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