04 February 2013

My dog is the prettiest dog.

Well, with my decision to try not to get too hung up on Kiba's performance goals, comes the acceptance that getting a puppy in about a year is probably going to be about right for me. As with Strafe, I worried that it might be too early. Of course, I did have Ryze for a while, and that was definitely too early, but I knew after I placed him for growing so large that I wanted to wait a while before getting another one. Well, with Kiba's retirement being planned for 2014, that seems like a good time to get a puppy. Strafe's breeder is tentatively planning to breed his mother again in September, which means puppy around next January. It will not be a full sibling of Strafe, as she is planning to use a different stud, so the pup may be nothing like Strafe at all, but even if it is a little bit like him, I will be happy. His entire litter has turned out to be nice dogs, so I'm not too worried about anything I might get.
Kiba will be retired by the time this puppy starts competing, leaving me with only Strafe trialing full time, and probably Seri doing a few USDAA trials here and there. She will be turning 8 herself in 2014 though, and since she hasn't been the sturdiest or sanest dog, I'm not expecting to be able to trial her "seriously" into old age. So, the puppy decision was made easier. I like having 2 "serious" dogs running concurrently, it's just the right amount for me.

Why not a puppy off Strafe? Well, I certainly might eventually get one of those, but Strafe is a boy dog. It is relatively simple for me to get a pup off of him when he is 8, 10, or even older if I collect him. And I don't want to miss the opportunity to bring more new, talented BC blood into the USA when I get the chance.

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Jane Elene Christensen said...

Like ;). Makes me very happy that you are so happy to have Strafe... And happy that you are thinking of becomming a return costomer... The best compliment there is ;)