19 February 2013

just a random "catching up" post

last weekend I was teaching in NJ and had the dogs checked out by Ria on the way home - I don't normally bother having them done every 2 weeks but with AKC Nationals coming up I want to be sure they are feeling their absolute best. They were feeling pretty good, as it turns out.

Today I met a friend and we went for a long hike - originally the rain was supposed to hold off till afternoon but of course it started just as she arrived. But we put on our coats (and my dogs' light jackets) and off we went anyway. We ended up staying out just under 2 and 1/2 hours; this is why I appreciate a friend going with me, I am so much lazier by myself! It was a good hike, lots of hills and varying terrain. And lots of water. And mud. Strafe and Kiba won't be training tonight - they got some training in as demo dogs and during lunch at the seminars, and will do the same again this weekend coming up, so I'd rather focus on hiking and other fitness activities during the week. Too much agility = not good. Tomorrow we'll probably do another, less tiring hike, and add in some core activities and wrapping a jump standard with some short sprints, or something. We mix it up.

See the joy inherent in Kiba's reaction to snow? Yeah, that's pretty much the opposite of how she feels about rain.

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