01 February 2013

AKC today

slogged through heavy (but brief) snow this morning to get to the trial, where it had hardly snowed at all. This was the only day I entered, since I decided pretty late to attend this trial and Friday was the only day that hadn't filled.

The morning started out with Strafe putting in a really lovely run in standard, clean and 33 seconds and change. Lovely, pushy contacts (for him, I WANT pushy), and nice easy jumping. One of my goals with him this fall/winter has been to get more confident, stronger jumping from him - less adding strides and being cautious. And I think at Williamsport a couple of his knocked bars were due to the transition of him attempting to go faster and be more confident, and accidentally over-doing it and ending up too close to the next jump. Today I was really happy with his jumping; he felt fast, confident, no extra strides being added and no bars down. He did unfortunately go off course in JWW! It was weaves and a push to the far side of the tunnel, well the little booger committed to the near/wrong side of the tunnel practically before he left the weaves! I had barely begun to step in and push and he was gone, FWOOP straight into the tunnel. So I'm a bit sad that our Q rate is not as high as it used to be (it peaked around 75%!) but on the other hand it is hard to Q every time when you are also working out some kinks like deliberately making your dog a bit "pushier"...

Kiba started with JWW, and sadly knocked the 2nd bar. I don't have video, but I suspect I began moving dramatically to the side just as she prepared to takeoff. Not a big deal for my other dogs, but she is becoming more and more sensitive with her jumping issues this past year :(
She had a gorgeous standard run for a Q though, I enforced her contacts so she did not catch Strafe's time but she was moving quite well.

Drifter was also running, and I was hoping for that final QQ but it was not to be - he slipped and fell in the tunnel and when he came out he got confused about whether he was supposed to take the aframe, and even seemed to think perhaps the judge was me (the judge was closer to the tunnel exit than I was), so he got a refusal. I did not run him in JWW to save his toes.

Now we have the weekend off to go hiking!

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