07 January 2013

Worked on playing with Strafe on this yesterday, with lowered jumps. I made it harder by handling the whole thing with the dog on my right, using the "flick" maneuver as taught by Jaakko and Janita. We hit a couple bumps where Strafe committed to the obvious side of #2 so we worked on our timing with that and with him coming straight to my arm when I lower it and call him strongly. No, I did not get video. No I probably won't use this on American courses, but it's a fun skill to have and it is a very straightforward way to handle it - no side changes involved, no blind crosses, just a quick "flick" maneuver, the dog does all the work. Fun! But it's something you have to practice before trusting it at a trial... and it's especially hard for us to master since we really don't ever get a chance to practice something like this at a trial here in the USA. But I like having a ton of skills!

We did use our weave entries and backside skills to win Team Snooker at USDAA Nationals!


DeadliestCatchBC Agility said...

Glad you blogged this, I've been wondering how you train that since I watched the Jaako videos!

Rosanne said...

Well this is certainly not a comprehensive training guide! We work on it with 1 jump and no jumps at all quite a bit first before using it in a sequence.