21 January 2013


There are quite a few people signing up to audit or observe, but working spots are not full yet! I think some people who haven't done them before are a bit afraid to try them on video - don't be afraid! We are starting with the very basics and working up from there! The other reason might be that people who have already begun to do them are thinking this will be too easy for them - well we will start at the basic level but we will progress to all of the various types of blind crosses that are useful on course, so if you've had any trouble with them, this is for you! This is a great opportunity to get feedback on your performance without having to travel to a seminar or private lesson. We will also be discussing the timing, positioning, and handler's path. We will also do some analysis on competition videos if any working students have some to submit! It will be a very informative 6 weeks, and I expect all participants to be very well schooled  and confident in blinds by the end of it :)

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