09 January 2013

Something fun and new is in the works, stay tuned ;)

In the meantime, went hiking with a friend yesterday, I made a brief attempt to take a picture of all 4 of my dogs and all 3 of hers when they stood in a small area on the porch together but they wouldn't cooperate and I decided it wasn't worth it. The long hike made me feel better about the huge Chipotle burrito I ate at afterwards (YUM!)

I have no trials planned now for the rest of the month of January - I teach classes and a couple of days of seminars, and basically just continue to keep my dogs fit and get them stronger. Today I found out Kiba still triggers a positive result on the SNAP 4DX test for Lyme and now she also trips it for Anaplasmosis which is new, so she's on Doxy now. She is basically asymptomatic, although all her life she's had issues with a tight back and lately her shoulders have been tight as well. But she's also a tense little dog in the house so it's basically impossible to to know if the Lyme has had an effect on her joints long-term. Oh well. I also pulled blood for the Distemper/Parvo titers - she is the first dog I owned that I never did adult boosters after the 18-month age. (we do Rabies to stay legal)


Catalina said...

Could you do a post on Lyme's sometime? I would be interested to read it!

My dog tested positive for Lyme's last year - April 2012. My vet put her on doxy for 30 days and then said not to worry about it. Didn't retest her, gave her the Lyme vaccine and said she would be fine fine from now on, but would always test positive for Lyme's.

Then....this Fall they told me that my dog has Hip Dysplasia - I do NOT believe this at all. I think it might be the Lyme's! :(

Rosanne said...

I'm not really scientifically qualified to write a whole post on Lyme, I would advise you to do some Google research regarding things like "Lyme disease dogs" and "doxycycline dosage dogs", things like that.

Generally the internet consensus is that Lyme should be treated with a high dosage of doxy (5mg/kg 2x a day) for 6-8 weeks. And even then dogs will test positive for a long time.

Lyme can cause some joint damage in dogs but I'm not sure it can cause hip dysplasia, you'd have to look that one up, I'm not sure exactly what effect it has on dogs' joints.