04 January 2013

Just one of those random posts

Kiba and I with our 2nd place ribbon from Individual Pentathlon Jumping 2

Going to try not to continue neglecting my blog as I've done occasionally over the past few months - it started with my old laptop going down and then I just wasn't really doing anything I considered blog-worthy.

Sometimes Strafe seriously poses like he wants someone to paint him
So this post is just a random post. It contains pictures, because pictures are cool. And it contains a picture of each one of my four dogs. Because they're each cool in their own way.

Pausing to read the map in Kensington Park, London
Tomorrow I am teaching a seminar on blind crosses, then Sunday we will probably go see Les Mis. Every day I am also trying to do some strengthening/bending/plyometric exercises with the dogs - a mix of stuff. Today we went for two 15min walks (one of these I ran partway so we all moved a little faster), Strafe and Kiba spent a minute or so with the wrist weights on both front and then rear legs, and we went to the agility ring and practiced bending around a jump standard and driving out of it. (no jumping, just bending and driving)

We got a little bit of snow a few days ago but it melted. This is from several years ago though.
We are using a lovely indoor over the winter, and will probably keep renting it until our own indoor is finally finished, because the owner is very easy to work with, the footing isn't bad, and that way we don't have to worry about weather (unless it snows really bad and the roads are a mess).

And that's pretty much the end of my random post. Stay tuned on the email lists and facebook for upcoming seminars at the indoor facility in Oxford, PA. I've got one this weekend and next, and we're planning a couple in April and May as well. Hopefully they will help fund my trip to Belgium for the EO - that event is still 6 months away but I'm already excited to go - Strafe will get to see his breeder and mother again! Plus it's a huge, fun competition with great courses. Can't wait!

Just for Janelle, here is a 2nd picture of Drifter.

Drifter really enjoys our daily walks.

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