13 January 2013

In the interest of making myself and my dogs mentally tougher, I am going to begin setting up and running a long, tough course every week. I will then use a modified version of the set-up for my classes, which won't be running the exact same course. But I want to do this for at least 6 weeks or so leading up to Nationals so we are all a bit tougher; I plan to do it again for a few weeks leading up to Tryouts and the EO as well. I will be posting the course here each week (for free!) just because I'm cool like that. I may draw some inspiration from international judges or courses, but I have to design them myself for class and to fit the space I'm working with.

Here's the one for this week, which won't get set until Tuesday:

When I design these, I try to make them challenging for myself, where there is a mix of running, difficult close maneuvers, and things I know I will have to work hard to get... I am making them longer in the european style of making me push harder, faster, longer - I want to be breathing hard at the end and I will have to work hard not to become sloppy as that happens. This is great mental and physical work both for handler and dog (as long as both are in good shape!). The other aspect which adds difficulty is that if we get something wrong we are going back to the beginning to start over! Fun but tough... (if we get too exhausted we'll take a break ;)

Strafe efficiently jumping over one part of the bar

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