22 January 2013


No, it's not as cold as Minnesota, or Sweden. But it's down below freezing today and tomorrow. We cancelled our classes in the unheated indoor. And I am only taking the dogs out for short walks (10-15min) bundled up in their coats to keep their muscles warm. I worry about their feet as well. So short walks only. It will give me indoor time to work on my online coursework and plans for my seminars in NJ this weekend.

From this morning:

Border collies. Always lining up.

We got a little bit of snow last night Not much. But with this cold, it won't be leaving for a few days.

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Veera said...

Hi Rosanne! I stumbled upon your blog accidentally while browsing agility web pages randomly. Nice blog, it's always great to learn more about foreign agility training and dogs. Your post also made me chuckle a bit - no offence - as we are quite accustomed training in freezing conditions here in Finland. We DO have an indoor arena as well, and it's even heated, but nevertheless last winter we had to sometimes do agility in as cold as -15 celcius degrees... Dogs were fine though, with a good warm up and a thich coat & jacket. We also take normal walks with our dogs (bc and sheltie) as long as the weather is above -20. Skiing with them is fun :).

Anyway, nice blog! Keep up the good work! Let's hope it'll get a bit warmer there so you'll get back to agility trainig soon :).