03 December 2012

Pictures! Videos! Tournament Q's!

Pictures from USDAA Nationals from Great Dane Photos! Yay! More can be found on Strafe's Facebook page ;)

We went to a Tournament trial this last weekend. Strafe was a total rockstar, 9 of 11 runs totally clean, only faults were a knocked piece off the top of a wall jump and one knocked bar in the opening of Gamblers. He was top Individual Team dog in 26", winning Team Jumpers and Standard, and placing top 3 in Snooker and Gamblers, and running his section of Relay clean as well. And he got his 2013 Team Q! Yay! Glad that's done:)  He also won both rounds of Steeplechase, all 3 rounds of Open/Master Challenge (a special class like Master Challenge but anybody could enter!) with gorgeous clean runs, and also won Grand Prix for his 2nd Q and bye voucher for 2013. All he needs for USDAA Nationals is one more local Steeplechase Q.

Kiba also Q'ed in everything, although due to her back being really tight I did not run her in all the Challenge classes. We had a bit of miscommunication here and there, but overall she was good - won both rounds of PSJ, Q'd in PVP and our team won the Relay, and won PGP so she also got her 2nd bye voucher for 2013.

Now we are off for a month, I will spend it building up both dogs' backs and rear ends - Strafe's pelvis

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Sheltie Owner said...

LOVE the pictures. He is gorgeous.