08 December 2012

part of May just opened up...

Well, Strafe and I did not get selected for the WAO Team. As I said before, I am not surprised, his resume is quite short. However, I do think the selection process is really skewed towards rewarding UKI competition. I guess that is where the WAO is headed - it is turning into the UKI World Team. Which I suppose is OK, except I really don't have any interest in competing in UKI. I have enough to do with AKC and USDAA, and wasn't that excited by the course maps I have seen for the US Open the past 2 years. Not to mention there are hardly any qualifiers out here on the East Coast.
So I think perhaps that even though I really enjoyed the WAO event in 2010 and 2011, I may not try out again. I thought the entire point of the WAO was that it was not associated with ANY competition venue/organization, but it seems that is not really the case, at least here in the USA. So now that I have a 26" dog I will stick with AKC Tryouts, EO, and FCI World Teams (well, hoping for that last one in 2014 anyway, no guarantees!)

How cute is Strafe's mother??
ETA: Strangely, after I posted this, the team announcement mystically disappeared off the UKI Facebook page and doesn't seem to be anywhere anymore! But I am going to leave this up assuming that even though the full team isn't announced publicly, it is probably OK for me to say that I'm not on it ;)

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