13 December 2012

Now that Strafe is 2 and has his OFA clearances, he is already getting some interest from owners of "lucky ladies" that want to use him as stud... this is a new world for me. I am willing to breed him some, but not a lot. And I am very picky so I will be pretty careful who I breed him to - must have hips, no epilepsy too close in the family, good temperament, etc etc. But I feel that Strafe is such a nice dog - and here's the really important bit - from a family of nice dogs - that I'd be selfish not to breed him at least a few times.

So it is something else I have to make a judgement on.... and also try to dance around and not offend anyone if I don't want to use him on their bitch! I'm picky! I am not breeding him to make money....

In other news, AKC changed their qualifying requirements for Nationals for this next year. Instead of 6 QQ's and 400 speed points, you  now need only 4 QQ's, but 20 total Q's from standard/JWW and 500 total points. I am pretty sure my dogs each had 20 Q's without a problem, I know Strafe had around 25 this year and Kiba had more than him, but the points may be harder... I think using this criteria Kiba would have qualified this year but Strafe would have been about 30 or 40 points short.... Although I have to say if he had not thrown his pelvis out at the last AKC trial we were at, resulting in only 1 Q out of 5 runs due to knocking bars... he probably would have had it. He usually Q's over 70% of the time, so even if I say he would have gotten 3 or 4Q's that weekend out of 6, he would have qualified. And we didn't show a crazy amount this past year. So I expect I won't have too much trouble qualifying, although having to count points all year is kind of a pain!

I only have 1 AKC trial each month for Jan to March - I didn't want to over do it for a couple reasons - I need to save money towards attending the EO and Nationals and Tryouts. Also, I don't want to do too much AKC before I can earn qualifications towards next year's Tryouts, which doesn't begin until April.

Yes he fell asleep like this.

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