06 December 2012

No more trials in 2012

We are taking December off for a couple of reasons - finances being a big one, but also I think after such a busy fall season of competitions and seminars, it is good to take some decompression time. We are just hiking and doing core work and I am working to both speed up and proof Strafe's dogwalk behavior a bit.

It's gotten colder, and it's hunting season, so even though hunting is only allowed in a few small areas of the park, we are now hiking in our nifty brightly colored Hurtta vests. I like them a lot, the dogs can move freely but boy are they visible. And they are a little bit warm, without making the dogs too hot.

We've been regularly going for approximately 90min hikes for the past month, I am trying to build up to 2 hours at a time, but it is hard to find loop trails that last that long without getting lost or ending up in a strange part of the park. We are having fun exploring all the areas we've never been to before, and finding new trails.

I thought I'd also share my WAO Tryout videos. We filmed these about 3 or 4 weeks ago, back before the seminars with Jaakko and Janita. I am still doubtful that we will be selected for WAO Team, given the strength and experience of the 26" field that is applying, however, I think that Strafe and I are such a good, strong, already-meshing team that I am confident in our skills should we be chosen. He already runs like an "old hat" dog....

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