09 December 2012

My dog is a dork sometimes

yeah, she hung onto this, somehow....

Going to rain again tomorrow just like today only warmer... today we went to see Skyfall, I enjoyed it, lots of cool action, some humor, and Daniel Craig is a good time to be had on a rainy day.

When I took the dogs out to run in the field during a break in the rain, Strafe tried to dig in for a turn and slipped, rolling himself. One car crash! Anyway, Ria will be here on Tues/Wed and can make sure he didn't throw himself out, and we aren't trialing for a few more weeks anyway.

I am on a mission this winter to keep the dogs super fit... I have made a spreadsheet and everything. Of course I don't end up following it to the letter every day but I do go in and change it according to what I did do so I can keep track of how to escalate all the work. I'm working on endurance, core work (especially rear end for both Strafe and Kiba), and "explosive power" which involves more plyometric type exercises, sometimes involving a jump, sometimes not. I'm also working on both speeding up and proofing Strafe's dogwalk behavior. He stops too early if I say touch or stay, but he comes off the end if I don't and there's a trap nearby, so some more understanding is necessary there. My goal - to be running a super buff, educated, confident dog for AKC Nationals, then spend the next 6 weeks working our international skills and blow the competition away at Tryouts so I don't have to pay for my own EO trip! ;)

That's the plan, anyway.

But tomorrow it's going to rain again, so we still won't get a chance to go find a loop hiking trail that takes more than 90minutes... we will be stuck with working on the disc, egg, and walking up/down the stairs on leash a bunch of times!

Also sometimes a dork! ;)

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