04 December 2012

Kiba D

Kiba turns 8 years old today. In review, she's accomplished a lot. I wanted to repost my  blog from 4 years ago (half her lifetime now!), celebrating her 4th birthday. She's done so much more since then....officially she is MACH ADCH Lock-eye Kiba MXS MJS TM-Gold and some Performance Tournament title I didn't keep track of. Considering exactly how soft she was back when we started training, and that she was only what I'd describe as "medium fast", she sure has come a long way! She still has a low frustration threshhold, but instead of shutting down and running away, she sort of gives up by staring/screaming at me or flinging herself at random choices instead....What I do know is that she freaking LOVES to run agility with me now, and is ridiculously fast. She achieved some accomplishments at 20" and 22", but truly excels at 16" due to her boxy structure, tight back, and mild near-sightedness/ETS.

A quick summary of her accomplishments in the past 8 years:
MACH (and halfway to MACH2)
ADCH (at 22")
at 20"/22":
AKC Finalist at just over 4 years old, in the 20" class!
USDAA DAM Team Overall - on the 2nd and 3rd overall Teams in 2008 and 2009
USDAA Steeplechase Finalist, running clean and placing 8th (at 22") in 2009
in 2010 I dropped her to Perf 16" (she already measures into 16" for AKC)
USDAA Perf Grand Prix Finalist, placing 3rd 2010
USDAA Perf Speed Jumping Finalist 2010 and 2011, winning the Championship in 2011
USDAA PVP Finalist 2010 (placing 10th overall) and 2011 when she won the Overall with Kate/Driven
AKC Finalist at 7yrs old, in the 16" class (she won 3 individual classes this past year as well)

As well, she has many placements at Nationals and Regionals, including back to back Northeast Regional PGP Championship wins in 2010 and 2011.

In 2012 we made the World Agility Open Team, which was her first, last, and only time running in an International Event. She had to jump just over 20", and because I trained and conditioned very determinedly, she did quite well, but now as she turns 8 her old back tightness has returned along with some very mild shoulder issues, and her vision and early takeoffs seem to have gotten slightly worse as well, so she is permanently at 16" now till she retires (which I tentatively plan for 2014ish).

So Happy Birthday to my crazy, obsessive, boxy, adorable but crazy little dog! My only BC with obsessive compulsive issues, and my only BC who people still think might be "my new puppy" when I walk her around;)

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