07 December 2012

Amazing to me that it's been more than 2 years since my 4-day trip to Copenhagen to get Strafe... and this weekend marks 1 year since his agility trial debut. He's come a long way in just one year, from Novice to MX/MXJ and 8 QQ's, qualified for AKC Nationals and World Team Tryouts, ran at USDAA Nationals and did really well... and it seems like every time I run him he's faster, tighter, more efficient, more reliable... It's so amazing to have a dog who just does what I trained him to do, every time - he doesn't lose his head at trials!

Here is Strafe's first trial video, for nostalgia's sake. Note the lovely running dogwalk, and I apologize if hearing Judy S on the tape makes anyone cry :(

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