01 November 2012

sorry for the lack of updates

while i was down in NC my laptop became ill, not sure what's going on with it but till it's fixed or replaced, facebook is the best place to keep track of me. 

returned from NC and ran in a USDAA trial where Strafe finished his AD, picked up an advanced standard leg and won Grand Prix, but missed out on steeplechase and a few other legs due to (gasp) baby mistakes! with his increasing speed and confidence has come a but of extra oomph when i least expect it. Overall though, still my perfect boy;)

i also ran kiba who E'd in both Masters classes but picked up a PSJ Q and won PGP so she is qualified for regionals already.

Seri ran too, she did pretty well for a wild thing but in the end her tally was 3 E's and a 5fault run (that was GP and i was really proud of her for that one). she tried very hard but the increasing difficulty of the courses is not easy for her... and now her wrist is enflamed a bit afterwards. so she will probably be on indefinite break again...

after the trial, Hurricane Sandy hit us. We did OK, lost a tree and power was out for a day, and the cable golt knocked out too, but considering the eye passed right over us, our damage is minimal. the NY and NJ shores were not so lucky.

more updates when i get a working laptop, this phone typing is not so fun...

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