27 November 2012

Hello from new computer land!

Yes I've gotten my holiday gift early this year, a spiffy new laptop, I've never owned something that involved the word "terrabyte" before, but I'm liking it so far! It's fast and new and has a nice HD display on it! I have Windows 8 which is different but so far I'm liking it, it's easy and customizable, works a lot like a really big mobile device;)

Anyway, November has been a busy month for me. We started out with an AKC trial Nov 10/11, where Strafe went 3/4 picking up his 8th QQ, and Drifter was 2/3 picking up his 38th QQ. Kiba was not entered - she is qualified for Nationals and I don't like to trial her more than necessary, both to save her body and my money! The week after that I attended an evening lecture and 2-day high-level handling seminar with Jaakko Suoknuuti and Janita Leinonen from Finland (I think I've finally memorized the spelling for their names!). Since I have been trending towards that style of handling for a while now, I was excited to go and learn their thoughts on different techniques and maneuvers, and it was worth it. They do a lot of foundation that complements what I already teach my dogs regarding commitment and jumping. Strafe did really well and I feel like I did too - there are some small differences in how we do things, but I am going to take some time to consider which way I like better before deciding "I am right" or "they are right" - after all, nobody's really RIGHT so much as they are FASTER out on course....  it really comes down to how well the dog executes what you've trained, which is partially a factor of how easy it is to understand. Making the dog think too hard is never good, thus consistency is key! Anyway, I really enjoyed training with them, and if I ever could afford it, would definitely take some time to go do it again! I hope they return to the States again next year.

This past weekend was another AKC trial, Drifter picked up QQ #39 and won 3 classes out of 4, not bad for a 10-year old dog in the 20" class (with over 100 dogs in it!) I do think his feet were a little sore on Monday, so it does reinforce my thought that he will retire as soon as he gets QQ #40 and finishes MACH2 - which he won't get another chance at until February due to my trial schedule, but that's OK, he's in pretty good shape physically and won't be unable to jump anytime soon, barring catostrophic injury, which is unlikely since I don't work him that much!

This weekend Strafe and Kiba are entered in a USDAA trial, Tournaments and Challenge classes only (they even have "Open Challenge" for dogs without their Masters titles!) Both dogs seem to have a tight back this week, so they are on partial rest, lasering, and are hanging around in their Back on Track coats today while it rains.

Various trial and seminar video can be found at my youtube page (link to the side of this page)

I hope to keep more updated now that I can type faster! Here are some pics detailing what we've been doing for the past month!

Survived our 2nd hurricane!

Started going on longer hikes of 5-6 miles at a time, even when it's cold!


Strafe's OFA came back Good!

And more hiking!

01 November 2012

sorry for the lack of updates

while i was down in NC my laptop became ill, not sure what's going on with it but till it's fixed or replaced, facebook is the best place to keep track of me. 

returned from NC and ran in a USDAA trial where Strafe finished his AD, picked up an advanced standard leg and won Grand Prix, but missed out on steeplechase and a few other legs due to (gasp) baby mistakes! with his increasing speed and confidence has come a but of extra oomph when i least expect it. Overall though, still my perfect boy;)

i also ran kiba who E'd in both Masters classes but picked up a PSJ Q and won PGP so she is qualified for regionals already.

Seri ran too, she did pretty well for a wild thing but in the end her tally was 3 E's and a 5fault run (that was GP and i was really proud of her for that one). she tried very hard but the increasing difficulty of the courses is not easy for her... and now her wrist is enflamed a bit afterwards. so she will probably be on indefinite break again...

after the trial, Hurricane Sandy hit us. We did OK, lost a tree and power was out for a day, and the cable golt knocked out too, but considering the eye passed right over us, our damage is minimal. the NY and NJ shores were not so lucky.

more updates when i get a working laptop, this phone typing is not so fun...