16 October 2012

first west, and now south, or at least, in a southerly direction

Well I spent Thursday to Saturday hanging out in beautiful, sunny California. I landed in Santa Barbara, got to see the Channel Islands from the air, had lunch along the beach with perfect weather. Then spent Friday/Saturday teaching. It was very interesting teaching out in CA, since the west coast is still very much a "GD" system area, while here in the east hardly anyone uses that system anymore. I was impressed though, everyone was very brave about trying previously "forbidden" handling maneuvers, and all seemed to have fun!

I stayed in a little town called Solvang, up by Santa Ynez area. Solvang was founded by Danish immigrants in 1911, and modeled to be like a cute little Scandinavian town. Having been in Copenhagen myself, and owning a dog from Denmark, I found this to be a particularly amusing coincidence. The town was adorable, though it didn't really remind me all that much of Copenhagen, it did have a cutesy little European town feel to it. Here are some pictures I took while out wandering around (and eating a really tasty Danish!)

Great little streets for walking with cutesy shops

Covered walkway between buildings

The front of my hotel had both the USA and Danish flags flying

I thought windmills were more of a Dutch thing?

I flew home from CA on the red-eye flight Saturday night, spent Sunday doing laundry and packing, and then yesterday I drove down here to Raleigh NC with Kiba, Seri, and Strafe. I am house and dog-sitting for a friend of mine while she's in Europe, so her house will be my base camp for the next 8 days or so. Her dogs know me and my dogs know her house, so everyone is pretty comfortable although 6 dogs is more than I'm used to watching.


Elf said...

Fun to see photos of a place that's on my side of the continent so I've actually been there. It's a great little town to walk around in.

I had no idea that GD was out of fashion back east. Hm.

Rosanne said...

GD has been "out of fashion" out here for years now. I can think of 2 somewhat major trainers, off-hand, that still using that system in teaching. The rest (a lot, since I am in a highly populated area) all switched to APHS and now everyone is morphing towards a more European style to keep up with the challenges.