09 October 2012

Another Video

Top 3 dogs in Steeplechase 26", of course we tied for FIRST but ended up 2nd:)

I am busy for the end of this week - flying out super early Thursday to California to teach Friday/Saturday, taking the red-eye flight home Saturday night, resting, doing laundry and packing on Sunday, then Monday I'm off to NC to house/dog-sit for a week, then flying from NC to OH for one day and back again, then driving home and stopping in VA to teach a few privates on the way! Crazy! Although the week in NC will actually be restful - I've got a few hours of privates while I'm there but mostly it'll just be taking care of the house, hiking, training, etc - hanging out!

Lots of talk about FCI being in South Africa next year. Much as I'd like to visit South Africa at some point in my life, I don't think I'm willing to deal with the enormous amount of paperwork and blood tests and super long cargo travel times and expense. Rumor has it that many countries won't go, USA probably included, but even if they do go, I don't think I'll try out. I can go to EO instead, and try out for FCI when it is an easier year for travel. There are also rumors "on the street" that if the USA does not go, they will use Tryouts to pick a team to sponsor for the EO, which sounds awesome to me, I would definitely sign up for that!

USDAA trial end of October. Seri's first trial since March, Kiba's first trial since mid-September, should be fun!

I am a little torn about putting Strafe's name in for WAO next year. I know I can't because I really can't afford both EO and WAO, but I did really enjoy the WAO both years and Strafe is actually going to be a really good dog for it. Unfortunately they just don't give enough money back for me to afford both! If only I had a major sponsor that would pay my way :(

Kiba exits the weaves during a clean run in Team Agility 2 at WAO 2012

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