01 September 2012

First post from my 30's....

gee, feels just like my 20's, except today my cold/allergy thing has condensed into an occasional cough thing instead... with some head congestion. But really, I don't put much stock into the whole birthday/holiday/celebration thing. Just the way my brain works. Although some of my friends/students DID bring a cake and a balloon to the trial AND sing me Happy Birthday!

Good day at the trial, Strafe finished his Starters Standard title, picked up a Starters Gamblers and Pairs leg, and got 1 point in snooker - I went for the hard plan and tried to recall through 2 jumps off the start line, and he obviously needs a bit more work on that, as he went from 1 to 1 earning us a quick whistle. First time Strafe has been carried off for being "naughty" (we aren't allowed to continue on), but I wasn't exactly mean; I knew that would be hard for him, but he DOES have that skill at home.

Anyway, all he needs for his AD title now is a snooker leg under a 3rd judge.

When I stayed at a friend's place for the AKC trial last weekend, Kiba and Strafe were in love with her giant elk antler chews, so for Strafe's birthday I picked up 2 of them at the trial today. Seri went freaking nuts for it, and chewed for probably an hour straight before I took it away. They were the hot item of the day, for sure!

She softened one end up considerably already, but these things should last a while...

Tomorrow I'm home, which is good because I'm still not over this allergy/cold thing.

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