16 September 2012

Busytime recommences

so... I have been busy and will continue to be so into October. Here's a quick catch-up post of what's up.

Last week I attended a seminar with Jenny Damm, a high-level attendees only type seminar, and we had a lot of fun running some very tough courses. Strafe was a rockstar, did some very difficult things including weave entries/exits.

Ryze has found a home down in NC, I take him down this Wednesday and leave him for a few weeks to see how he gets along. He's holding at just over 17".

Strafe is 2!

Kiba's tight shoulder is doing better!

Seri has the "OK" from my PT to continue working agility and I am angling to qualify for USDAA in TN, which means she will be entered in a trial in Oct or Nov...

Strafe got his MXJ yesterday and I totally forgot! He also got QQ #7 and went 3/4 this weekend, maintaining his Q rate in Exc B of over 70% (all at 26"). I believe he now needs approximately 15 points to qualify for Nationals.

Kiba is already qualified - I pulled the eligibility report and she has more than enough points. She did not QQ this weekend but ran well.

My favorite run from the AKC trial this weekend:

Tomorrow I am "off" but I have to start prepping for my Denver trip. I still have a lot to do and little time in which to do it. I am also awaiting the group rotation schedule for Denver, so I can make the schedule for my PT... that will eat up quite a few hours. Tuesday I go to visit her to give Strafe and myself one more check before we leave. Wednesday I drive down to NC to visit a friend and say goodbye to Ryze. Friday I drive across to a different part of MD and Saturday/Sunday I'm teaching private lessons. Monday is crazy packing day! and Tuesday I fly to Denver!

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