23 September 2012

Briefly Briefly

I am home tonight, after a bit of a whirlwind trip with Seri and Stafe. 6 hours driving on Wed down to NC, Ryze met his new people and is in his new home, hopefully to stay. i stayed 2 nights there visiting a friend (and finishing up my scheduling for Advanced Canine Rehab), then Friday I drove 6 more hours across to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to another friend's place, and spent some hours each day teaching privates, but also visiting with that friend (we saw Resident Evil 3D!). I got a tiny bit of training in with the dogs, Seri got to play and practice her new aframe behavior (a 2on2off to make her control herself over the apex, rather than diving like a crazy beast), and Strafe got to see another set of 22" weave poles and another 5'10" aframe. Now I have to do laundry, pack, decide what's coming to Denver and what isn't, and Tuesday I'm off for a week in Colorado, to Strafe's very first big National level event! I am looking forward to it a lot, a relaxed event (running only one dog!!) with my relaxing dog:)

And somehow over the course of talking with Strafe's breeder, I may have decided to get a puppy end of 2013/beginning of 2014... IF everything works out, which it may or may not. We shall see ;)

Also, I FINALLY got my pictures of Kiba from WAO!! I haven't had time to process all of them but I love this sequence of me running past her weaves in the Gamblers run (we got 3rd in that one). I have no idea what I'm doing with my hands, but at least I'm running!

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