27 August 2012


Strafe is amazing. I don't really "gush" about anything, ever, but nevertheless, my dog is amazing. He won't be 2 years old until 7 Sept, yet yesterday he garnered his 6th and final QQ towards AKC Nationals next spring, and also his 8th and Final Standard and JWW legs towards AKC World Team Tryouts. He is already qualified and entered in USDAA Nationals next month. So... my dog is amazing!

He started this weekend with some uncharacteristic bar knocking, but after working on him a bit with massage, stretching, etc, he seemed to be all straightened up and Q'ed in 3 runs in a row. He was the only 26" dog at this trial so of course we won all 3 classes ;) I did not get our QQ on video.

Kiba also finished up her 6th QQ towards Tulsa, so I am glad I didn't enter a lot more AKC trials this fall, as my hunch that they would both finish by September was correct. We have a 3-day trial in September where Strafe can collect a few more speed points (not sure if he needs those or not, but without the multipliers I believe he probably does).

Here's Kiba's QQ from yesterday:

Kiba struggled with a few bars this weekend, and I am more convinced than ever that she's slightly near-sighted and that as she ages (she'll be 8 in December) it is becoming somewhat more difficult for her to judge the jumps. As you can see in the video, I've taken to placing her 3-4 feet from the first jump so that it is within her field of vision where she can judge it, and I'm also starting to change my handling with her since she is having more trouble with me facing her over jumps as well. More blinds and rears for her... She's still unbelievably fast, of course!

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