07 August 2012


Up to NJ this past weekend for an indoor AKC trial with nice strong air conditioning. The building was a bit crowded with both people and dogs, but the footing was good and the courses were fun (for AKC). Kiba went 3 for 4, picking up her 5th QQ for 2012 and running well over all, her only mistake was me forgetting to front cross until she had already taken off for a jump and causing her to knock a bar. Well, and the mistake where she forget AGAIN what the cue for "wrap behind me" means and gives me a weird rear cross wrap instead. Saved it for a Q but we will be drilling that in sequences a bit! Strafe ran well but unfortunately a mistake in Standard each day prevented any QQ's. He did pick up a JWW Q each day, winning both of them handily. He is running quite well, but every once in a while I find something I need to train. He's just 23 months old today, so not exactly a problem that there are still little things I need to train!

I forgot my SD card for the camera on Saturday, so here's video from Sunday only.

Now we have 2 weekends off of trialing - this coming weekend I'm teaching for 3 days in VA, and the following weekend we're home relaxing.

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