18 July 2012

That's it, I'm moving to Scotland!

well, not really. But they tell me it's cool and rainy there right now. As opposed to here, which is super hot and sunny. Our ground is baking, I can't train much because it's too hard and the grass is dying. It's going to be 100F again today and the humidity is awful. It was hot enough I couldn't even walk the dogs when I got up, they would've been panting too hard too quickly. So today is a day off for everybody, I guess. Except maybe a few minutes swimming for Strafe.

Kiba's been doing pretty well since the weekend, so I'm not too worried about running her this weekend. I'm going to bring the laser with us and stretch/massage/laser her every night to make sure she's feeling good. Her range of motion in her shoulders is back to normal and her back feels good too, but nevertheless i'm continuing with "walks only" this week, just to be sure. After the trial this weekend, she goes back to Ria and we'll discuss what to do to build up her weak areas. I have a good idea of what to do, but with the trial schedule I have all summer, it's been hard to start new exercises without the risk of making her more sore initially. We are not trialing next weekend, so I can perhaps begin a few minor things with her to build her up.

The other day I started my work as scheduling assistant for my PT's at USDAA Nationals. This is difficult work but it's worth it - they get an organized work day at the event, I get to trade my work for their work on my dogs. i also like them being organized, it makes me feel better knowing my dogs (along with others) will be done on schedule every day. Not an easy task though - we already have about 65 dogs, some on the waitlist, and I will have to work out when everyone runs, compare that to when they want their dogs worked on every day (or certain days), and work out a schedule that attempts to make everyone happy. Difficult! Right now all I've done is collect names of who is attending and how many dogs they'll have. Later on I have to get into what time of day, which days, etc.

Looking ahead, Fri-Sun we have a trial indoors on nice turf (no slipping for Kiba) in A/C, although the temperatures should drop for the weekend. I like this trial, and I'm hoping for some more QQ's for both dogs. It would be nice to get our stupid AKC qualifications out of the way before we come down to the wire in the fall. Guess next year I'll do more AKC over the winter so I don't have to do a marathon in the summer...

I won't run Drifter in the heat anymore, so he's been enjoying a lazy summer of walks every morning and A/C all day!

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Faith Shen said...

Wow, he's doing great and I'm sure that he really enjoy what he's doing with you.

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