15 July 2012


big news first:

Strafe got TWO QQ's! This means he went 4/4 Q's over the weekend. What a good kid! At 22 months old, i couldn't ask for more.

Kiba's right shoulder was quite tight all weekend, and even clicked when i was working on it Sunday morning. She had some trouble with the footing this weekend, even though she has done well at this site in the past. i don't think I'll show her there again. Just like last weekend, she got a single Q each day. Sunday in the 2nd run she slipped, collided with my foot, then crashed a jump, so I left the course to make sure she was OK. I will be evaluating her carefully tonight and tomorrow morning to decide whether to make a trip up to see my PT or not. I wouldn't be as concerned if it weren't for having a 3-day trial starting Friday. After that she is getting some rest from agility for 10 days or so. She just hasn't been 100% since coming back to agility after her post-WAO break. Not sure why, just the old back tightness now tying into the more recent (started over the winter/spring) shoulder tightness, but they're both worse than they were back in April.



LitlBigDog said...

Strafe looks GREAT!!!

LitlBigDog said...

Now I watched Kiba - she did look like the floor was causing her issues, even on the clean runs. Poor Little Elf!

Rosanne said...

In the past, she's done quite well on that floor, but maybe as the floor and Kiba both get older, it's not a good match.