08 July 2012

Lower Camden AKC

Just a quick recap. Strafe finished his AXJ on Saturday, and picked up 2 legs in Exc B Standard to use for MACh points and towards Tryouts. Most of his other mistakes were bars -  I corrected all of them, as that does seem to have an effect on him and he will try harder not to knock them. (All I do is pause and make a fussy noise at him, then go on). And Friday morning he had a couple whacky refusal issues in JWW that should be solved with mileage and ring time.

Kiba picked up a single Q each day, with no QQ's -a goofy refusal Friday, a single bar Saturday, and then Sunday morning she lost her mind in Standard. Seriously, fell over in the tunnel, missed her weave entry (but kept on weaving despite me calling her), ran off TWO contacts in a row despite me growling at her, went off course to a table (and promptly lied down and GRINNED AT ME!), what a nutball! She hasn't done anything quite like that since... well, never! But she did run clean and win JWW not 2 hours later. So oh well, good thing I've entered a lot of AKC this summer, as Kiba and I have lost our groove since returning from Belgium, apparently!

This weekend, Strafe and Kiba achieved the same level of consistency, which 1 Q out of 2 runs each day. That says two things, to me - first that Strafe is doing pretty well considering he just turned 22 months old and is in the 26" class already, and second that Kiba is not performing up to my expectation.... so I will need to work on that. She's back in 16", but I really don't think it's a timing thing for either of us. We'll get our "smooth" back soon enough, I'm sure. She and Strafe don't really handle all that differently anymore (definitely a good thing)!

I barely got any video this weekend, and didn't bother to process the snippets I got, sorry. . .

Here's a picture:

Border collie? or wild hare??

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