15 July 2012

Little Kiba D

Back-on-Track coat with a layer over top to keep her muscles warm and relaxed

Little Kiba D is tired and a bit sore. I actually gave her a painkiller/NSAID tonight to help with any inflammation in her shoulder/back. In an hour or so I will work on her, stretching, massaging, the bit of mobilization I've learned, and lasering any part that is sore/tight. Then again tomorrow morning before deciding if I need to make a not-quite-emergency trip to my PT. I would like to know if she is going to be OK for the 3-day trial next weekend. 

Also, random things I hear at AKC trials:
(when walking Kiba) "Oh, is that a puppy, how old?"
(when walking Strafe) "is that an aussie with a tail? he's so pretty!"

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