31 July 2012

End of July

Well, I've been on the computer an awful lot lately (discovered a site that allows unlimited streaming of anime ((super nerd, sorry)) for only $7 a month, legally licensed and everything!), but oddly haven't really felt like blogging. I feel as I've been in a bit of a holding pattern this summer. Trial, spend the week doing tiny little training sessions and short walks and swims in the heat, followed by another trial. This past weekend was my first teaching engagement in a while - I have more in August/September, which is good, but May to July was a bit of a drought. I had fun this past weekend - we did some International-styled sequences, and it's always fun to watch people who didn't think they could do such things actually succeed on them. Although I'm pretty sure everyone had at least a little homework as well ;)

My dogs are all doing great. Our walks have been cut down to 15min or less, in the morning, due to the humidity even at 6am. Evening walks have been on leash only, with Strafe and Kiba, as it isn't cool enough to allow them to do more than walk sedately with me. it's slightly cooler this week than it has been, but still classifiable as "warm" for sure.

This weekend is another AKC trial. Hoping to perhaps finish up Strafe's QQ's, but even if he doesn't do that, he still needs a few more scores towards Tryouts, and points for nationals. Kiba has enough points, just needs 2 more QQ's so hopefully she can at least pick up one. I pulled from a 3-day trial the first weekend in September because I'd rather put the money towards my trip to Denver, and it is looking like I shouldn't need that much AKC trialing after all, with Strafe running so consistently for me. I may attend one day of a USDAA trial instead, and try to get some of Strafe's Starter's legs out of the way. I don't care that much about titles in general, but I would like Strafe to get up into Masters fairly soon because you have to have your Masters titles to run in the Masters Challenge classes, which I would like to run when they are offered!

Ryze has continued his pattern of slow growth, and he's sitting, I think, right about 16.25" right now if he stands up all the way. He is over 7 months old and looks older than that, so I am hopeful he's just about done...  if he doesn't grow much more I am thinking that with maturity, "settling", and a proper stand behavior, he could still measure under the 16" mark for USDAA trials. If he gets much more leg though, he'll be a P16" dog for sure. My absolute cutoff remains the 16.75" mark for FCI though. he certainly doesn't LOOK like he has another .5" of growing left to do....

Also, I've given up on getting Kiba to be short enough for FCI Medium. Her legs are just too long. The shortest i can get her consistently is 17.25"...  Oh well, was just a random thought!

If she stands *JUST RIGHT* she's at 16.75" but it isn't a natural stand at ALL...

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