02 July 2012

Berks Recap. Only Super-Saunic on One Day

Friday was hot. Like really super duper I feel like I'm going to die hot. And the canvas building has no insulation; it has some fans, but they don't move air all the way through the 300-foot long building. Nevertheless, I needed Q's, so I went and ran. I covered the car with my reflective silver mesh immediately on arrival each day and planted a fan right in front of each dog's crate at the same time, and I have to say, the car stayed pretty cool, comparatively. I sat in there and read a book for a bit each day, without a fan, and was pretty comfortable. The air was moving somewhat.

anyway, Friday was by far the worst day. By the the afternoon it was 98F in the building (I heard it hit 105 after I left) and we sweated just standing still. But on to the agility...

Friday Kiba put in 2 lovely fast runs for a QQ with two 1st places. She pushed her aframe a bit, but other than that I was super happy with our runs; I even chose the more aggressive handling path in JWW but we pulled it off (did lots of blind crosses this weekend and all worked well). Strafe had a NQ-NQ day, Standard was my fault, I front crossed about 2 feet about of place and over-rotated, and he wasn't properly presented with the tire so he ran right past it. Frustrating for me... Then in JWW he just rushed a bit and hit a bar.

Saturday Kiba landed ass-first on the last obstacle of Standard in the morning - it was a long line of jumps on a mild curve going on, ending with the double. Since I consider Kiba to be mildly near-sighted with some minor signs of ETS, this was not a great situation for her, and I stupidly didn't say anything to ask her to add a stride before the double, and she "skittered", took off way too early, and basically sat on the bars. Poor little girlie :( She did run clean in JWW in the afternoon but was definitely a bit cautious, not putting in the blazing time she did the previous day. Strafe had a complete repeat of Friday - he hit 1 bar in JWW, rushing a bit again, and a refusal in Standard, although this time I was not out of place; I turned in early for a front cross and put my outside arm out to the side to indicate the jump, and he got so focused on my shoulders turning in that he didn't notice my "jump" cue with my arm, and he missed the jump and came straight to me.

Sunday Strafe ran first in both runs, and he finally had results that reflected his ability, with a Q in both runs. His JWW run wasn't super pretty, although he was still easily above 6YPS even with a late landing side rear cross from me, and that was his 2nd JWW Q in Exc A. Then he ran clean with a nice easy run in Standard for his AX title. Kiba, on the other hand, hit 2 bars in JWW and just looked ever so slightly "off" to me, so I scratched her from Standard and took her over to the PT type person who was there, whom I've used before with good results (but isn't my "regular"). He found a few minor tweaked bits in her lower back that were consistent with landing on the double the previous day, we straightened her out, and she looked better. Went home happy but also a little sad that Kiba's back has been acting up so much lately.

Now, keep in mind, the ordinary person would not even notice what is happening with Kiba's back - it is VERY minor, but it is persistent, and *I* can see it - I am a very detail oriented person and I watch my dogs like hawks! So this week I will spend another 45min to an hour a day, at least two days, going over her with my own hands to see how she feels. She seems fine today, doesn't look off, and certainly feels very playful and energetic, not like a dog who is sore in any way. . . She's never had a major injury, but nevertheless I don't regard her as a "sturdy" dog, and there is a bit of a history of spinal problems in her close family.

I didn't get any video of Kiba, but here are 3 of Strafe's runs. Of course once again I didn't get the Q's!

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