22 June 2012

Waffles. Again.

No, not to eat; I usually have a bagel for breakfast. Waffles referring to me waffling over my decision not to attend Cynosport in Denver in September. I had made the decision because it is money and time I don't want to spend in order to get to a trial that is outside, at a moderate altitude which is just high enough to affect me... and financially I just didn't want to spend the money.

But. Then Strafe was fully qualified. He qualified in 2 out of 2 Steeplechases, 1 out of 1 Team events, and 2 out of 4 Grand Prix's. That is not half bad at all for such a young dog. He is so easy to run, I am looking forward to running him more aggressively as we begin to mesh together. So then I though... well... it would be a good experience for him to go to a big event like that. And it would be good for our teamwork as well. .. (did I mention he's qualified?)

I have enough airline miles to fly for free (well, a $5 fee only). I can share a hotel and rental car. And I'm looking at helping out my PT's with their vending and scheduling more in order to trade for their services in working on my dog(s) so I won't have to pay for that. Traveling with only 1 dog is easy and doesn't require a huge rental car either. So the cost is shrinking as I look at it.

And so... I waffle...

it would feel a little silly to leave Kiba home - after all she won both the PSJ and the PVP Overall event last year (with Kate/Driven), but she does not enjoy travelling that well, and bringing 2 dogs makes the trip a lot more expensive for me. I think it would be fun to go and just run Strafe. It's been since 2006 that I only ran one dog at a big event. And it will be Strafe's only chance to make an impression before WAO Selection, and possibly before EO Selection - although that may occur after AKC Nationals as well.

ETA: Forgot to add, today is officially the Sheltie Boy's 6-month birthday. I can't say he's "well trained", but he IS well behaved. Easiest puppy to have in the house that I've probably ever had - he and Strafe were both easy but for a couple months when I first got him, Strafe would try to go to the door to tell me he had ot go out, and leave a little piddle trail along the way. Wasn't his fault, he was TRYING, but it did mean I had to clean up more for him than for Ryze! (He grew out of it by 3 or 4 months, but his nickname was Mr. Tiddles for a while!)

I know his breeder wants me to go!

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Jane Elene Christensen said...

Yeah... You are right about the last comment ;o). Ahhh... No preassure, but love to see you guys doing so good ;o)