03 June 2012


I realized I never embedded my WAO videos! All of my videos from WAO are courtesy of KineticDog. George kindly videos every single run by every Team member, isn't that great?!

Anyway. I'm going to start with a non-WAO video. Here's Seri, playing her favorite game with me. She's always loved doing this, and it's a stupid-easy-fun game, but whatever floats her boat, right? There were long stretches where I didn't allow her to do this because of her shoulder and/or wrist issues but she's been pretty darn sound the last 5 months so we've begun playing this once in a while.

And now onto WAO videos. Here are the uncut videos of all of my runs, organized by class at the competition. Each has ups and downs, but i'm most proud of Individual Pentathlon Jumping 2 and all of my Team runs!

And finally, because I had no chance of any individual overall medals this year after mucking up both Individual Agility 1 and Snooker, first thing in the morning on Friday (talk about a bummer!), I decided to make a highlight reel video. I don't usually do this, but I felt that all of the good moments from my runs needed to be viewed together. I had trouble with Movie Maker saving a couple of times, and hopefully YouTube will leave the music alone or you'll be getting one without music, as choosing that is one of the hardest things for me ("what sounds good? what will YouTube allow? what doesn't have swear words in it??")

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