26 June 2012

Stuff, and a pretty picture

Had a good weekend, taught workshops on Saturday, relaxed on Sunday, now I'm looking forward to trialing this weekend with Strafe and Kiba. I'm hoping to finish Strafe's AX and AXJ. He only needs 1 more leg for AX, and it's a 3-day trial, so it seems likely he could finish. He  needs 2 more for AXJ so I am hoping we can pull it off but 2/3 is a higher goal for Q's and I won't be upset if we don't pull it off.

Here's a pic someone got of him at the last AKC trial we attended, a month ago. This was actually the trial where he popped out of the weaves twice, but this is the coolest weaving picture anyone's taken of him so I asked if I could have the picture and she gave it to me! Thanks Tammy!

from TBAC AKC Trial, May 2012, he's 20 months old

Yesterday Kiba's back seemed stiff and a little warm to me, so stretched and lasered her and then let her hang out in her Back on Track coat all day. This morning's walk was mostly on leash for her - it was cool outside and they all felt rowdy! I will stretch and laser again today. It seems to be a different part of her back from the pinched nerve/rotated section last week; this is more of a normal stiff/tight part for her, the upper back behind the shoulder blades. So I'll work on it the next few days and take my time warming her up over the weekend at the trial and see how she does. I'm very glad she's entered at 16" rather than 20" for the next month though. I was really happy with how she held up physically for the WAO competition, but it seems that if I don't actively keep her in super peak condition, her back doesn't hold up as well anymore. She's just not a super sturdy dog, despite her lack of "injury" during her career. So now I am thinking if I cannot keep her back super sound I will not offer her for WAO Team for 2013, despite how well she did this year. We shall have to wait and see.

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