22 June 2012

Rapid Fire Posts

Quick training session with Strafe before it gets any hotter today (I did get up at 5:30am just to take them for a quick 20min walk the past 2 days before the sun got all the way up!)

Here's what we worked on - really hard weave entries and rear crosses on them. In watching and competing on really tough International type courses, I am seeing more and more difficult weave set-ups, so I've been concentrating on Strafe's independence in the poles lately. We spent a couple weeks with a channel slightly open, driving to a toy at the end. I have it closed back up now, but I do place a toy at the end if he has trouble driving away. In the following set-ups, the second two behaviors he failed the first try without a toy placed (popped out looking for me), I placed a toy once for him to drive to and he succeeded, then the next attempt he succeeded without the toy (I tossed it straight to him after he exited the poles).

I should note that Kiba could do the first one, but the second two sets would probably be beyond her current abilities. I did not attempt them, however, due to her funky injury the other day. (She is now taking walks off lead and I will allow her to swim for 5min today.) This is an example of why, even though Kiba has a lot more experience, Strafe will be a better "World Team" dog. Kiba is not stupid, by any measure, but when she gets something wrong she gets upset. She used to quit and run away but now she just gets frustrated and doesn't think straight. Strafe's response when he gets something wrong is to slow down a little and think harder! I love that ability - it makes training SO EASY.

Strafe's entries for today:

No cross, just an independent entry

No cross, just a very difficult entry and I follow him around the corner

A VERY difficult rear cross on the weaves
Also, the bottom of the picture is not really correct, our fence is about 3 feet from the bottom end of the poles, which made it even harder! Such a good kid, that Strafey!

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