20 June 2012

catching up

I realize that before yesterday's Seri-centric post I hadn't been on for about a week. That's mostly because I've been at home and nothing really exciting has been happening. I have been teaching workshops both at home and away, meeting new people and having fun and getting sunburned. So much for getting rid of my farmer's tan - instead it's gotten even worse!

This Saturday I have more workshops here at home, then Sunday off, then the following weekend begins a long stretch of FOUR AKC trials in a row. Several are 3-day trials so I think it is actually 11 days of agility trials in one month's time. That's more than i usually do so I'm both looking forward to, and dreading it. Looking forward to it because I'd gotten used to the hectic schedule and being at home so much feels strange now, and dreading it because let's face it, AKC trials are not so very exciting. But I need them - Kiba has only been to perhaps 2 trials in the current qualifying period for Nationals, and I think she only has one QQ from that. Strafe is still in Exc A so they both need a significant number of Q's to qualify for Tulsa, and I want to take both of them, so off to shows we go!

Yesterday Kiba pulled up lame, with a strange limp that I wasn't able to diagnose by myself, and that added to a couple other minor things I've seen her over the past week added up to me taking her up to NJ to see my PT this morning. It's a 2.5 hour drive each way but it was worth it - she had torqued/slipped/twisted at some point, unknown to me, and a good section of her lower back was rotated, her lumbosacral region was a mess, and several other odd findings. Because of the segments being rotated in her back, they were pressing on the nerve, and she was not standing properly on her back left leg. This was taken just after the worst limping yesterday afternoon. No, I didn't like that one bit!

Kiba wasn't really even limping anymore by this morning, but my awesome PT fixed her up and told me after a few days of partial rest and lasering, she should be perfectly fine. That's a relief! We couldn't figure out what the heck she had done - my dogs live a very supervised and guarded life. We got for a nice walk every morning, and my thought is that even though she's not allowed to run full-tilt during this time, she does go out cantering here and there, with a couple short running stretches mixed in, and maybe she slipped or got knocked into by the sheltie and I didn't realize it. (sometimes Ryze does a flyball cannonball type leap...). 

Speaking of Ryze, if you missed it on facebook, here's a little video I made of his agility training. Because he came to me in a busy time of my life, and so close on the heels of training Strafe, I have been more lax in his training. He knows Sit, and mostly knows Down. He is started on Stay but it is not solid enough for a group picture or anything. He has not a clue what Heel might be.... but he can do this!

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